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Britton Rifle ; HEYM Martini Express rifle ,caliber 375 H&H . This is the very first of the new rifle line by Heym that was delivered to Canada . This rifle was used already in Africa for a hunt. Upon its return to Canada,the owner wished to” clean up” the blemishes on the stock, what occurred in the field .At the same time it was back in our shop ,the owner wished to adorn the rifle with some fine engraving. Ralf refinished the stock and polished out all the metal then the parts were given to Warren Smith for Gold lettering/scroll engraving and to Marty Rabeno to engrave the lion head on the floor plate.

THE NEW HEYM EXPRESS RIFLE by Martini ; The following images are of the very first Heym production rifle that we have received in Canada . This beautiful factory produced rifle is in the Caliber 375 H&H and is spoken for already as it was pre ordered . This particular rifle has a wood upgrade . These rifles are being produced at the Heym factory in Germany ,utilizing Ralfs stock design and some other design features particular to Ralfs custom rifles . These features include Ralfs Oberndorf style bolt handle ,open sights ,barrel contour and the integral set up to mount the Talley rings . Heym has done an excellent job of building this rifle which has a large magnum action , which when cycled is tight and as smooth as glass. The calibers available are 375 H&H , 404 Jeffrey , 416 Ribgy and 458 Lott . Each of the calibers will have a four round capacity in the magazine box . The barrel contour and the magazine box is specific to the caliber of the rifle , this ensures that every rifle in its caliber will feed flawlessly from the magazine box and will be perfectly balanced due to its barrel contour .
This is a high end factory production rifle with custom features . Price 11,500 CDN ( plus tax) with scope rings . Wood upgrade from 1,500



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